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When you’re running a business – especially a start-up – you want to stay on top of your game. Pricing, pitching, negotiating, marketing,… There’s lots of stuff you want to become even better at than you are right now.

On recurring times and locations, top-level coaches from various business domains will share their knowledge and insights. Their objective: to help you grow as an entrepreneur, so your business can grow with you



Workshop: sales negotiation skills (advanced level) by michael humblet

Stage: Go To Marker or Higher:Content Workshop:  Michael Humblet will hold a 2h workshop focussed on sales negotiation skills. Topics that will be covered are: setting the scene, upfront meeting politics, negotiating tactics, how to act during the meeting, finding a way to love …

Wednesday 25/04/2018

10:00 - 12:30

Start it @kbc Antwerp 23rd floor

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How to set-up, manage and leverage a high impact advisory board by peter verhasselt

Content Workshop: An Advisory Board is an often-overlooked, under-utilized, or completely neglected lever for high-tech high-growth companies. An Advisory Board is particularly useful for first-time entrepreneurs or for founding teams lacking a substantial amount of domain or ma…

Wednesday 16/05/2018

13:00 - 16:00

Start it@kbc Antwerp 23th Floor

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