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From machos to cowboys, from ninjas to sheriffs: 7 ideas to boost female entrepreneurship

Friday 5 October 2018

Female founders are definitely on the rise, but the big majority of the startups in the Start it @KBC community is still 100% male. Boy and girl stereotypes, macho VC’s, ninjas and rockstars, cowboys and sheriffs: they all figured in a roundtable that we hosted on the subject. We filtered out 7 ideas to further boost female [...]

Takeaways from SuperNova 2018: A New Aspect of Technology, New Kinds of Marketing, and the Future of Flanders as a Startup Hub

Thursday 4 October 2018

Last week, SuperNova, a tech conference famed for bringing together some of the most innovative and creative parts of the tech industry, took place in Flanders, and we were in attendance! If you’re upset that you missed the event, worry no more… we have highlights for you!

Are your developers given the freedom & environment that they need

Friday 21 September 2018

This simplification of a talk at SXSW this year reminds us that the role of developers can have a huge impact on the success of businesses. In a talk by Pat Malatack, VP of Product at Twilio, Code is Creative - treat your developers as artists, his message was one that we heard in several other talks this year - do not forget to treat [...]

Where are they now? Argus Vision

Tuesday 18 September 2018

Drones are often seen as a fun toy to take stunning photos or shoot amazing video’s, but their professional potential reaches much higher than that. Argus Vision, a former Start it @KBC startup founded by Jonas Van de Winkel and Seppe Koop, spotted this potential years ago and is now one of Belgium’s blooming drone companies.

Start it @KBC Podcast #7: Funding

Thursday 13 September 2018

In this episode, Start it @KBC community manager Magali De Reu explores the impact of capital funding on a startup with two experts. What happens next? What are the new challenges and pitfalls? Magali asked Koen Schrever and Peter-Jan Brone. Koen combines his job as CEO of Bolero Crowdfunding with his responsibilities towards the KBC Start it [...]