5 Great Tools for Mockups & Wireframing

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Wednesday 22 June 2016

5 Great Tools for Mockups & Wireframing

Got a startup? Respect! Want a useful tip, right at the start of this article: You can't do everything yourself. You need help, people and tools. We've already listed tools for sales, keeping your business up-to-date and the must-haves for 2016. Now, let's talk about mockups and wireframing.



This HTML5 app is an online vector based mockup and wireframing tool. It'll help you to create amazing UI concepts, prototypes and more. Unleash your idea on this easy drag-and-drop platform and use a wide variety of objects, shapes, icons and images to finish it all.

Go try it out: moqups.com



Designing apps is also a must, so why not use this tool to create iOS and Android apps? A cool feature on Flinto is that you can test an interactive prototype, too. Need quick and easy prototypes, this is your thing!

Go get it: flinto.com



Seriously, this thing is called Mockingbird. Like the Eminem song? No? Never mind.

This online tool helps you create awesome mockups. Difference is that you can link all your different mockups together, put them in a preview and then share that. This way, other people can join in to bring fresh ideas and give feedback.

Check it out: gomickingbird.com



Mockflow gives you the option to collaborate on each other’s mockups and wireframes in their web-based tool. When you design something, someone else can edit that and give feedback. This will help to visualize the interface, navigation and structure in a very short time.

Super easy: mockflow.com



You can create any user-interface with Balsamiq. Web, desktop or mobile applications, all good. It's a small software tool that focusses more on the ideation phase and makes a structured look of your idea. Great tool, a must have.

So go download it: balsamiq.com


Did we miss anything? Got any tools you use on the daily? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!