Five free tools for every startup!

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Wednesday 22 February 2017

Five free tools for every startup!

For every entrepreneur amongst us who’s putting his or her shoulders under the foundations of a startup, one universal rule applies: deliver your concept… but do it with a small budget.

This is why we have selected five tools that might help you execute your idea, without spending heaps and heaps of money. Better, still: they’re totally free!

Flawless infographics with

Do you want to spice up your story with some kick-ass visuals, but don’t have the designers to make it happen? No worries: from now on, you can just use this awesome infographic generator to transform your text into an engaging and visually stunning infographic. Cool! Check it out.

Never forget a password again with Dashlane

When your startup starts growing, chances are the list of passwords and accounts will keep increasing as well. Before you’ll know it, you’ll have quite the list to remember, which can be a nuisance – especially when you forgot some of ‘m. That’s why you should start using Dashlane immediately. With this tool, you’ll only have to remember the Dashlane password, because Dashlane saves all your data in one private platform nobody else can enter. Awesome!

Make sure you don’t screw up your eyesight with F.lux

When you’re involved in a startup, chances are you’re staring at your computer screen from morning ‘til night. You’re probably really focused when doing so, which makes you rarely notice the light changing in the room you’re in. This is where F.lux kicks in: this cross-platform app automatically adjusts the settings of your screen, depending on your location. Thank you for taking care of my eyes, F.lux!

Rule the world of social media with Hootsuite

Because no startup could ever be fully functioning without using this nifty little app where you can bundle every social media channel you’re using. Basically, this means you don’t have to navigate different websites anymore. You can also ‘subscribe’ to different hashtags, so you’ll always know when someone’s talking about your brand. Isn’t this great? Try it out!

An oldie, but a goldie: Google Analytics

This platform is not exactly brand new, but it has proven its worth over the course of its existence. This tool is perfect for startups who want to know everything about their website visitors, demographics, sales funnel, … Just do it. It’s awesome!

There you go – now you are ready to rumble… Completely free of charge!