From banker to tech entrepreneur: the story of Dimitri Vandormael and Hyperlane

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Wednesday 20 December 2017

From banker to tech entrepreneur: the story of Dimitri Vandormael and Hyperlane

“The most dangerous thing you can do in life, is play it safe.” For Dimitri Vandormael, founder and CEO of technology startup Hyperlane, this quote was one of the reasons why he left his successful, well-paying management job at Belfius bank. Two years ago, he stepped out of his comfort zone and took the risk to start his own company. It has been a wonderful adventure since the very beginning, in which he learned some hard lessons, but one that he enjoyed every single day.

Some people would call it inspiring and brilliant, some would call it completely irrational. But there’s one thing neither of them can deny: it was an extremely brave step to take. When Dimitri decided to give up his manager job at Belfius, he had no idea what he was getting himself into. Two years later, he looks back at a journey that’s been intense and challenging, but most of all: enormously rewarding.

Dimitri points out three major reasons why he chose the path that he did. First of all: his gut feeling. Deep down, he just knew he had to take the jump. The second big reason, was his willingness to take risks and make an impact. After all, where’s the satisfaction is playing it safe? The third and final reason to leave his comfort zone and start his own company, was his ambition to learn something new. After six years in banking, it was time for something completely new and different. But the reward has been immense. In those two years as CEO of Hyperlane, Dimitri met inspiring people, worked with some amazing entrepreneurs and learned more new things than he could’ve imagined.

Want to know more about Dimitri’s adventure and the growth of Hyperlane? Read the full story here.


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