KBC and Start it @kbc put startup Co-libry on the map!

Start it @kbc

Wednesday 31 May 2017

KBC and Start it @kbc put startup Co-libry on the map!

KBC recently started an exciting cooperation with Start it @kbc startup Co-libry: a personal and digital real-estate platform. This platform, launched in February 2017, offers personalized accompaniment throughout the complete real-estate process. It covers the different customer needs and helps with all other aspects  involved in the buying of and moving into a new home.

But what does KBC have to do with it?

Well, every Co-libry user will get the opportunity to immediately and easily contact the experts of KBC Live considering housing and insurance and get an overview of the nearest KBC-offices around. This way, the financial help you need is always within reach! The only thing you have to do? Fill in the contact form. Within 24 hours, KBC Live will contact you to schedule your appointment, where you’ll be given fast and personal advice –whenever it suits you best.

Co-libry and KBC: a similar vision

At Start it @kbc we want to enable startups to grow and build a sustainable business. We link them (if they want to) to the best partners to achieve this. Co-libry isn’t just a promising startup KBC believes in, but they share a mutual vision and mission: customer centricity and a very user friendly approach on platforms and tools. This basically means that we’re not only offering advice based on the potential of the new premises, but also on the personal needs of each and every client.

And last but not least: Co-libry is complementary with the existing KBC offerings in terms of housing advice. Perfect partners in crime, these two!

Want to know more about this our startup Co-libry, KBC or KBC Live? Make sure to contact us!