Meet some of the brand-new Start it @kbc startups!

Start it @kbc

Monday 6 March 2017

Meet some of the brand-new Start it @kbc startups!

Did you know there are 38 brand-new startups coming your way? And are you just as excited as we are? You should! Because we believe there is A LOT of potential arriving at our floors… Allow us to introduce some of them!

Doinn is all about housekeeping and laundry services: it wants to be the technology bridge between short-term rentals, property managers and professional hotel services providers.

Robin Food is a start-up that wants to play its part in the reduction of food waste. This will be brought in action by connecting local shops with nearby customers: different shops will be able to list products that are approaching the sale deadline, so users can buy these items at a discounted price.

Pinotic is a geo based commerce app that soon will be the common app when it considers selling or buying. In short: Pinotic is thé most accurate way of commerce.

Small Teaser is a community blogging platform. With its built-in ad server, it provides content creators with the ability to earn a share of the advert revenue. Our baseline? #writeandearn!

This new cloud platform is a must-have for every artist out there, as it helps them understanding their listeners and fans. 

Elewa means ‘to understand’ – and this is exactly what this start-up intends to do. The founders of Elewa want to help schools deliver high quality education through the empowerment of teachers on one hand, and simplification of education processes on the other.

Estate Eleven is an online platform for two kinds of people: on the one hand, owners of vacant spaces. On the other hand, entrepreneurs who want to start a business. Via Estate Eleven, the two parties can meet and set something up.

Hack League creates thrilling code competitions. By doing this, they want to inspire people in pushing their limits further – in a fun way, by cooperating with like-minded people.

Are you in the search of a full-service partner for business bike solutions? Then your search is over, my friend: Cycle Valley is thé company you’ve been looking for. 

FibriCheck wants to change lives by transforming your smartphone into a medical device.

Gluan is an end-to-end enterprise mobile solution for developing cross-platform mobile apps that easily connect to enterprise back-ends and cloud services, all while being centrally managed.

Plannymap is an up-and-coming new social media tool that wants to inspire you in organizing free time activities with friends and family. Making the world a funner place, and such!

CargoCopter will soon be your go-to-company considering transport of small goods in urgent or emergency situations.

Crowdfilms want to make television – in coproduction with the crowd.

Juru will make your daily life easier by centralizing all your documents and activities in a block chain. This way, it allows you to share whatever you want, with whom you want, at any given time. Cool!

Sleek is the digital universe organizer you’ve been looking for all your life, we swear! With Sleek, you’ll regain control of your data – no matter where it resides. This way, you can #stopworrying!

Making manuals used to cost a lot of time and money. Thank God that’s over now, ‘cause just put a stop to this. We made this easier than ever: just drag, drop and publish!

Epihunter turns on the light when the brain switches off: by making people aware of silent and often unnoticed seizures, we help to normalize the life of children - even if we can’t take away their disability.

PlugInvest offers an innovative solution, based on a new financial model considering charging infrastructure. We want to extend a network for electric cars and want to expand it by crowd funding and sharing economy.

Nice and simple: Recognition will be the future of textbooks. You’ll see.

AppLeads helps businesses to maximize their exhibition returns by digital lead generation. And now we will also design customer feedback apps to create growth hacks in retail!

Croq  \’n Go is thé place to be for every croque monsieur lover out there! We prepare trendy croques in an innovative, but artisan way. Yum!

MyAddOn pimps crutches and wheelchairs by making them both more comfortable and beautiful. How? Through add-ons everyone can click onto its own crutch or wheelchair! Cool!

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