Meet Start it @kbc mentor Bart Van der Roost

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Monday 6 February 2017

Meet Start it @kbc mentor Bart Van der Roost

Meet Start it @kbc mentor Bart Van der Roost! He has tons of entrepreneurial experience as the co-founder and CEO of startup Gustaf, the best digital sheet music reader. From May on, he will become Managing Director of Kunsthuis Opera Ballet Vlaanderen. Let’s ask him a few questions…


What is your greatest achievement?

I think our greatest achievement up until now… Is not dying. Still being here, you know. Every day we get back to business and grow, is a day we've beaten death. And I think that’s what we want to remain: alive and kicking. We are cockroaches: we stay, we survive and multiply! 

Who inspires you to stay alive?

I get inspired really easily. Whenever I see an entrepreneur, I'm inspired again. If I have to drop one famous name, I’d say Ben Horowitz, author of The Hard Things About Hard Things. He provided me with a life-altering quote: “If you have to eat shit, don’t nibble” – which is a feeling that I’ve had quite often as an entrepreneur. So yeah: when you dive into something, you might as well fix it for good!

Do you have another golden tip for startups?

My biggest tip for every startup is: ‘Don’t wait. Just do it. Because you never know what could happen.’

Why should everyone apply to Start it @kbc?

Well, it’s a really good choice if you are in need of the ecosystem and of people who’re doing the same thing you’re doing. Start it @kbc provides people who listen to you and say ‘why not?’ instead of ‘you can’t.’

What is the craziest thing you’ve done so far?

The craziest thing I can’t mention. I think we’ve done a lot of crazy things. I remember the request I got as a mentor when we just started. They asked me, ‘What is a good elevator pitch?’ and I said to them, ‘You know what? I’ll show you. I’ll do an elevator pitch in an elevator!’ And I did it. And it was more difficult to do than you’d expect!

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