Partner In The Picture: 5 tips for the perfect startup recruitment by AGO Jobs & HR

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Thursday 28 February 2019

Partner In The Picture: 5 tips for the perfect startup recruitment by AGO Jobs & HR

Is your startup growing? That’s great! It probably means that you’re going to need more people sooner or later. But how do you recruit the best talent for your business? We asked Tom Martin of AGO Jobs & HR to share his top tips.


Tip 1: Make recruitment a top 3 priority

Recruiting is a crucial part of a startup’s growth. After all, the people you hire are the people that will determine your company’s course in the coming years. Hire the best possible talent for your startup, and your road to success will become a lot less bumpy. You can have the best ideas, but if you don’t have the right people to execute them, you won’t get anywhere.

Tip 2: Invest enough time and energy

Don’t choose the easy way out by hiring just anyone. Be strict and stick to the profile you initially determined. It may be tempting to choose someone who makes a great first impression, but it is only by holding on to your original plan that you will find the person your company really needs. Once you’ve hired someone, make time for plenty of guidance and follow-ups. Don’t expect your new team member to have all the answers on day one, but take into account that you might need an onboarding period of at least 90 days.

Tip 3: Recruit the right CQ

Of course, someone’s IQ and EQ are very important, just like experience, knowledge and skills (EKS). But have you heard of CQ, the 'Cultural Quotient'? CQ gives an answer to the question: ‘Will your employees fit into your company culture?’ In other words, do they have the right DNA for your startup? Don’t underestimate the importance of CQ: an employee with the right cultural quotient will do his job with more passion and is more likely to be successful.

Tip 4: Bring in HR experts

You need HR experts to grow. Not just as a startup, but as a scale-up as well. HR experts have a valuable network, lots of experience and most importantly: they can take over some of your workload. Sounds good, doesn’t it? This will allow you to spend more time and energy on the core business of your startup or company.

Tip 5: Employer branding

Your employer branding is the image that current and future employees have of your company. So it’s needless to say this should be high up on your priority list. The employer branding of your startup determines how you can attract the best candidates. How to create an employer branding that works? Use video as much as possible. Video simply performs better: videos are remembered up to 95% of the time, photos only 10%.