Start it @kbc introduces its 1st 2017 batch!

Start it @kbc

Tuesday 14 February 2017

Start it @kbc introduces its 1st 2017 batch!

And we have the pleasure to tell you they’re absolutely awesome. Our jury carefully selected these 38 brand new startups out of 143 submitted proposals, and Start it @kbc will coach them towards growth and success. Or pull the plug quickly and as painless as possible.

So. About these 38 new startups. Quite some diverse companies, varying from technology, fintech, food and HR to media, health and social innovation. The one thing that stands out the most this year, is the level of preparation these startups arrived with. Belgian innovative entrepreneurship has clearly been growing and evolving since we’ve pioneered 3 years ago, which only makes us more proud!

But that’s not all, folks!

Because 2017 is the year of new initiatives, Start it @kbc not only calls for a Boardroom, but also launches a corporate venturing track and deploys on female entrepreneurship. Great words, but what do they mean? Allow us to explain!

#1 About the Start it Boardroom

This boardroom is a new platform where the startups have to present how things are going after their first three months. This not only teaches them how to sell their biggest challenges and overall focus, but also provides their mentors with clear opportunities for evaluating the progress and engagement of their mentee(s). This Boardroom is the ultimate solution for providing clear feedback and sharing everything helpful Start it @kbc provides, such as mentors, coaches, workshops, events, and so on.

#2 About the corporate venturing track

In 2017, Start it @kbc releases its offer to larger companies. This way, internal innovation teams are in the possibility to make use of the expertise, trainings, networks and locations Start it @kbc offers. Along these lines, companies can provide their employees with the correct input for developing innovation and preparing them for the market. In other words, Start it @kbc teaches other companies how to think out of the box – and in the correct frame.

#3 About female entrepreneurship

Start it @kbc encourages female entrepreneurs to enroll their innovative business idea. With this initiative, we’re not only aiming at those who haven’t started yet, but also at the entrepreneurs that want to make their existing company scalable. During boot camps, they’re taught how to present their product in an appealing way – and they receive the opportunity for brainstorming with fellow entrepreneurs.

Are you already feeling the Start it vibe? Well, if you do, you got to make sure the first week of May 2017 is blocked in your agenda: that’s the week our next pitch wave will take place. So, go ahead, draw up that business plan and send it in here. Talk to you soon!

Next big thing coming up? Demo Day 2017! Make sure you book your seats quickly!