Start it @kbc start-up Talentree: partner of the Hi App

Start it @kbc

Wednesday 5 April 2017

Start it @kbc start-up Talentree: partner of the Hi App

Hi app is an experimental digital tool that helps refugees connect with the right people to get them the help they need. The goal of this initiative? Help them enter the job market faster. Because you know what? Talent is everywhere, no matter where you’re from. And you never know: amongst the refugees of today, we might find the entrepreneurs and good employees of tomorrow!

Introducing Talentree: believers in entrepreneurial talent - without limits

Start it @kbc start-up Talentree matches highly educated international talents living in Belgium with the job market. They vary from expats & partners to newcomers, refugees, students and migrants. Talentree has one clear and important mission: making diversity the new normal in business life. 

Connecting international talents to the job market has impact on three different levels: 

  • The talents get to use their potential and become an added value: they get the chance to become financially independent and get to be a deeper part of society.
  • The society gets to use the full potential of all talents, which lowers the cost of unemployment and reinforces social cohesion. 
  • For companies, an optimal diversity results in a higher performance by a more open & innovative culture that’s ready for a globalized and volatile context. Diverse profiles make a difference for very tangible challenges like internationalizing local teams after mergers and acquisitions or business development & projects in new markets.

“International talents will be part of the future growth of (Belgian) employers. Managing diverse talent pools to achieve higher performance requires a strategic HR & business vision” says Talentree founder Hannelore Waterschoot. “We see scale-ups who have international teams in the core of their DNA as part of becoming a global player right away. But corporates are often part of international groups and more traditional SME's with concrete projects. This is where multicultural talents can make a difference as a first step”. 

Finding a job is so much more than meeting the right employer

Of course, work is the core of VDAB’s initiative. But because finding work is so much more than just meeting the right employer, the Hi app allows users to help and get help on other topics as well. After all, it’s easier to focus on finding a job when other issues such as finding a house or getting your children to school, have been addressed.

Why Start it @kbc is rooting for Hi app

That’s easy: Start it @kbc is always looking for talent and promising ideas to back up. This is why we’re incredibly psyched about this project: after all, it’s an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and people who’re willing to invest in something or someone all the same. Because we, the people behind Start it @kbc, believe in talent – no matter where its roots may lay! 

So, what can you do? Spread the word! Are you a volunteer, company or social enterprise? Join the platform and offer your help – we know we’ll be doing so! Want to know other free tools? Read this blogpost!


You can submit your business idea for the following Start it @kbc pitchwave until 17 April via