Start it @kbc wants women to be a rising force in business

Start it @kbc

Wednesday 8 March 2017

Start it @kbc wants women to be a rising force in business

Today, on International Women's Day, Start it @kbc launches a campaign together with Straffe Madammen to boost female entrepreneurship in the Belgian start-up scene. The aim is not only to increase the economic potential of the country, but also to bring about a fundamental change in attitudes in the business world.

The figures speak volumes

In Belgium, barely 33% of self-employed workers are women. This earns the country the dubious record of having the lowest starters level for women in the European Union.

“Yet the potential is there, and with this campaign, we aim to develop that potential”, stresses  Katrien Dewijngaert, founder of Start it @kbc. “We want to encourage female entrepreneurs to take chances and create opportunities for themselves by submitting their innovative business ideas via With this campaign, we are aiming at both start-ups and existing entrepreneurs who want to expand and upscale. But we are also going to show female mentors how they can support start-ups with advice and information.”

A new culture

How? By fostering a new business culture and mobilising everyone –universities, colleges, women's networks, media, entrepreneurs– to rally behind it. But also by turning the spotlight on female role models and letting them talk about the added value of the Start it community and the programme on offer. And not only the successful ‘usual suspects’, but also new faces from various sectors.

These role models need to break the stereotypes towards and prejudices against women in business. Because even in 2017, these still exist. There is a perception, for instance, that women are less competent in business. Whereas in fact research shows that tech start-ups founded by women record 12% more turnover and achieve 35% more ROI. What is more, female entrepreneurs have a 30% smaller chance of going bankrupt than their male colleagues, because they prepare better and work in a more rational, calculated way.

Sought: F for the next pitchwave

During this campaign, Start it @kbc wants to encourage as many female start-ups as possible to submit their business idea for the next pitchwave on 17 April. To reach all these potential candidates, the incubator is working with the Straffe Madammen (feisty women) network.

“Via our network, we invite women to submit their business projects on, to become mentors, or to take part in one of our webinars. There they are not only given information and tips on doing business, but female role models also share their experiences from daily practice. If you want to share your business idea, it is important to be surrounded by a tribe, a group of like-minded people who give you encouragement or help you back on track when you come up against obstacles," says Elke Jeurissen, founder of Straffe Madammen.

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You can submit your business idea for the following Start it @kbc pitchwave until 17 April via