Buying from startups… Valentine edition!

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Monday 13 February 2017

Buying from startups… Valentine edition!

So, you want to approach Valentine’s Day a bit different this year? Have you had enough of red roses, heart shaped chocolates and cheesy candle lit dinners? Or maybe you’re still into the classics, but you’d like to spruce it up a bit? Not a problem, because following startups are here to save the (Valentine’s) Day!


Chestnote is a contextual messaging service which allows you to decide when and where your message will be delivered: right now, tomorrow or 10 years from now? At home, at work or at that beautiful beach in Cancun? Everything is possible!

And of course, you can use this wonderful app to bring out your most romantic side. For example: you let Chestnote guide your significant other to the location where you had your first kiss. When he or she arrives there, the message will open. Tadaaa: digital romance for pro’s!

(Of course, you can also use Chestnote for breaking up with someone, where you lead your (soon to be) ex as far away as possible. Don’t do this on Valentine’s Day, though!)



FLAVR is an online platform which provides authentic, homemade and affordable meals – prepared by local chefs from your neighborhood. FLAVR wants to bring back the love for the home cooked meal, but delivers it in a trendy ‘take-away’ jacket.

So, if you and your significant other are true foodies – but not exactly the best chefs in town, this is the perfect startup for you! Because with FLAVR, you won’t have to go to a fancy restaurant to enjoy a fancy dinner. Not in a relationship? No need to worry! Because even when you’re not in a relationship, FLAVR is great: after all, this platform allows you to get to know some new people. Win-win, this delicious platform!


Deer Lord!


Deer Lord! is a strategic party card game that will turn every night with friends into an unforgettable one. Basically, this is the gist: you’ve got to try and ‘do’ things, without tipping your co-players off you’re executing an order as said so by your card. This way, this game is all about being crazy, sneaky, confusing and diddling.

And this game isn’t only fun amongst friends, but is also awesome for playing with your partner. Whether you have a crazy, adventurous, evil or naughty mind… This game will absolutely spice up your evening!




Parcify is a customer oriented parcel delivery service that delivers your orders to you – wherever you might be. This is done via the smartphone app, which is used for connecting the retailers with the local couriers and you. This way, you can have you package delivered, at the time and place you prefer.

Isn’t this amazing for delivering that gorgeous Valentine’s Day gift, just at the right time and place? Perhaps at the table of the restaurant you’re dining at, or as a surprise when he or she’s at work? The possibilities are endless!


Sips n Soda


Sips n Soda is a brand-new web shop that makes sure you can always serve the perfect cocktail at home. All you have to do, is ordering the all-in box of your choice. Big fan of the fancy gin tonic or a refreshing mojito, but you can’t seem to make them just the way you want them yourself? No worries! In these all-in boxes, you’ll find every single thing you need: the tools, the ingredients and even a step-by-step manual.

And concerning Valentine… Need we say more, except ‘perfectly prepared cocktails at home’? No. No, we don’t.

There you go! Now you know exactly what to do when you’re planning to woo that girl- or boyfriend of yours. Good luck and… Don’t f*** it up!