Why hiring tech talents is a marathon, not a sprint

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Wednesday 15 November 2017

Why hiring tech talents is a marathon, not a sprint

Written by Maxime Czetwertynski
Co-Founder @HackLeague.io 

The tech job market has reached an all-time high. All companies desperately need tech talents to thrive in the digital economy.

But let’s be honest, with 2.1% of unemployment among developersthe great people you seek are most probably working somewhere else.

They might not be paying attention to you or might not even know that you exist. And still, 78% of developers are open for a new position. That’s a lot of great potential people to tap into.

The whole trick is to make them aware that they could be thriving at your company, that they could use their skills to the fullest and build up new ones. Unfortunately, building such awareness around your business is not an overnight thing.

Prepare for a marathon, not a sprint

If you are growing your tech team or are willing to do so, here are some good practices from top companies that you could get inspiration from:

Increase your window of opportunity: apply a proactive approach where you keep positions continuously open. That will help you build yourself a pool of great candidates with whom you can keep in touch and whom you can contact when the time is right. 

Build your network: The more you organize and participate in local and global events, the more chances you’ll have to bond with developer communities. 

Invest in the future workforce: By working with schools and universities, you will have the opportunity to reach the workforce of tomorrow. Despite (or thanks to) to their lack of experience, they have a lot to bring to your team. 

Be transparent. Be open: Being open about who you are, what you do and why you do it, is a key element to inspire great people to work with you and build relationships that last. 

Encourage word of mouth: People from your own team are your best ambassadors. Don’t hesitate to let them talk about their work during conferences, workshops or with their friends. Employee referral and word of mouth are by far your most effective way to attract candidates.

In the end

Hiring developers is generally a long process. On average, it takes 57 days and often takes up to 3–5 months for startups (from my last discussions with 20+ startup founders).

On the short term, you will probably be able to rely on your network for your first tech hires. But there are only that many people in your network. 

If you truly want to recurrently attract great people that have the potential to make your company thrive, you’ll need to implement a solid tech recruitment strategy. A strategy that makes you stand out on the long term.


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