Meet the nominee for ‘Young ICT lady of the year’

Start it @kbc

Friday 17 February 2017

Meet the nominee for ‘Young ICT lady of the year’

As you might’ve heard already, Start it @kbc kicked off 2017 with some brand new action points. And one of those concerns the boosting of female (tech) entrepreneurship – something that isn’t very common (yet!). This is why we are extremely proud to announce that one of the nominees for Datanews’ ‘Young ICT lady of the year’ is… Segolene Martin: CEO of Start it startup Kantify.

Let’s listen what Segolene has to say about this great news, shall we?

“First of all, I am so very proud to be one of the few women to be active in the tech sector, as Kantify is specialized in building Artificial Intelligence applications.”

What does it feel like, being one of so few females in the sector?

“A few weeks ago, I was attending this event with and for all women entrepreneurs. During the event, one of the speakers started his presentation by declaring, “Wow! It’s so strange to be the only man amongst so many women, for a change!”.

I perfectly understood what he meant: every day at the office, me and the few other women co-founders are working in a male-dominated environment. This obviously isn’t a fault of men: there are many reasons for which there are more men in the startup world. As such, I am really happy to have been nominated for this award, because I believe it highlights the few women who are active in this sector, and hopefully pushes more women to try their hands at tech entrepreneurship.

I also think having more women (and more generally, more diversity) in this industry isn’t just a social cause - it’s a key asset in innovative companies. Study after study shows that diversity at the office prevents “groupthink”, which is the worst thing that can happen if you’re trying to innovate and push the barriers of technology in your field. Having diversity of opinion and experiences (and the ability to express these openly) leads to unexpected solutions.

This importance we attach to diversity has pushed us to make a conscious choice to work with people from diverse backgrounds. For example, our first hire is a female mathematician from Venezuela!

Thanks, Segolene! And… good luck winning that award!