Right up until March 2017, about 10% of startups in our Start it @KBC community had a female founder. But we would love to see more of you power ladies. Maybe you simply didn’t know what Start it @KBC can do for you? Find everything you need to know during one of our information sessions all over the country or our interactive webinar and hit the 'Apply Now' button asap.

Get some extra help to grow your startup through our webinars

The struggle is real, we know. So we are setting up a an interactive webinar where other female founders and business experts will be sharing their own experiences and some valuable lifehacks to turn your startup into a success. For free, because #girlpower! 


⏰ Tuesday, February 12, 12h00-13h00: Wanted #FemaleFounders - growing your startup and how Start it @KBC can help you with this

Bring your startup to the next level: be inspired by #FemaleFounder Nafi Tine from Sunulex and get some advice on how to make your business (idea) successful or how to scale. Shoot your questions!

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Drop by one of our startup hubs to hear more about our programme

More of an in-person kinda girl? Find out what you can expect when you join the Start it @KBC community during an information session at one of our hubs in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Kortrijk or Leuven.


⏰ February 18-22 at 19h in different locations: Find out what Start it @KBC can do for YOU

Are you an innovative entrepreneur with a desire to scale? Girl, come talk to us and join the largest startup community in Belgium.

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Our greatest satisfaction is your success

At Start it @KBC, we are all rooting for you, ladies. We REALLY want you to succeed, so we do our best to promote you any way we can. And when you join our community, of course you can count on access to vast expertise (including that of our strategic partners), state-of-the-art business premises, an enormous global network and mentorship. Maybe that's how these female founders have turned their businesses into success stories, which we're proud to share: 

  Medeoprichtster Maison Slash: “Ik ben blij dat ik op latere leeftijd ben gestart: zo had ik in het begin al een rugzak met ervaring!”
  Ségolène Martin stampte als politiek wetenschapper een AI start-up uit de grond
      Van Lissabon naar Leuven: Portugese Doinn is op Europese veroveringstocht!
  Start it @kbc op bezoek bij Bieke Van Gorp, Co-Founder FibriCheck



Some more reading & listening material

And if you really can't get enough... You're lucky: we have a few more blogposts featuring #FemaleFounders and a whitepaper on #FemaleFounders in stock for you.


Download our whitepaper on #FemaleFounders here                                                                         


     “Surround yourself with people who reassure you that you are not the only crazy one”
  The perfect co-founder: your husband, your wife or a total stranger. There is no golden formula
  Three persistent myths about women in tech



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