Right up until October 2018, only 16% of mentors in our Start it @KBC community was female. One of the biggest pain points that female founders cite is the lack of role models. We would love to see more of you power ladies as mentors. Maybe you simply didn’t know what you can do for Start it @KBC? Find out everything you need to know about mentorship during one of our interactive webinars and hit the 'Apply to become a mentor' button asap. 


Become a Mentor & match with innovative startups

We call on female entrepreneurs and experts to apply as a mentor, because one of the biggest pain points that our female founders cite is the lack of role models. With this call, we not only want to boost the number of female start-ups, we also want to guide the founders even better and surround them with a diverse community of experts.

Are you a seasoned entrepreneur or business expert with a desire to help founders scale their start-ups? Ladies, come talk to us and join the largest startup community in Belgium. Apply to become a mentor here!


Get your front row ticket at Start it @KBC

Apply to become a mentor and be among the first to hear about achievements in the largest network of startups in Belgium. You'll get insights from our founders and other experts about where sectors and technologies are heading to. Join our community and follow our co-created content from top experts - advice and views on the startup world.

Check out our mentor description with an answer to the following (1) Who are we looking for (2) Your mentality (3) What you do (4) What you get and (5) Your time investment. Download it here!

Get some extra info about mentorship through our webinars

Your time is precious, we know. So we are setting up interactive webinars where other female mentors and business experts will be sharing their own experiences and answer all your questions about mentoring and helping startups to scale. Follow at home/work (PC) or on-the-go (phone), because #girlpower! 


⏰ Wed., November 28, 10h00-11h00: Wanted #FemaleMentors option1
⏰ Wed., December 5, 12h00-13h00: Wanted #FemaleMentors option2

Become a mentor and bring startups to the next level: be inspired by #FemaleMentors and shoot your questions about mentorship at Start it @KBC!

Pick a date and register here


Our greatest satisfaction is our startups' success

We really want ALL our founders to succeed, so we do our best to support and promote them any way we can. A lot of female founders indicate that they have a lot to do with the experiences and advice of female entrepreneurs who are already beyond them. Who have already completed the route they have already started, and who can point them to the pitfalls and the opportunities along the way. These role models are currently insufficiently present. Not only in the media and in the public debate, but also in our own community. Read more about our research on #FemaleFounders here!

So at Start it @KBC, we are all rooting for you, ladies. So join our community and help these female founders to scale their start-up even better!


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Start it @kbc op bezoek bij Bieke Van Gorp, Co-Founder FibriCheck


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